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10 things of Hanoi which only Hanoian have known

10 things of Hanoi which only Hanoian have known

Hanoi Capital is voted as one of most interesting cities of the World with blending life-style, which is mixed between old and new. For this reason, Hanoi Culture Tour is willing to be very special to tell you more about a long-standing capital and its exotic experience. 

1. Walking into Long Bien bridge and go to the middle space in the winter.

It is the winter, the time for you to walk without tiredness. And the corns on the harvest season boiled are very sweet and fragrant. Besides it is also because of the green tomatoes on the harvest season, the ripe fruits are red and of course very delicious.

Long Bien Bridge is an ancient highlight of Long Bien. 

Long Bien Bridge is an ancient highlight of Hanoi.

2. Eating Duy Tri yogurt 

The yogurt is as glutinous as ice scream, and there are many flavors. Two establishments are in Yen Phu and in Hang Buom, but both of two places you never can go to at once. You always have to go over and over, and return to open your eyes max to see the door and shop name which are very small.

3. Che Thai (Thailand sweet soup) and Xoi cream (steamed rice with cream)

These two dishes do not come from Hanoi, but have had much more characteristics of Hanoi. The taste of Che (sweet soup) is very strange, not too sweet, fat in fresh coconut taste and crispy. The first store is in Phan Dinh Phung road, then it moves to Kim Ma road.

4. Continue eating, Bun Dau (rice noodle with fried tofu) in Phat Loc alley.

I have just eaten it with my friend in Saigon at lunch, but now I crave for it.
Rice-noodle with fried tofu, boiling pork... is a favorite of Hanoier and Vietnamese.
Rice-noodle with fried tofu, boiling pork... is a favorite of Hanoier and Vietnamese.

5. Sitting in the campus of Hoang An pagoda.

Hoang An pagoda is located next to the West lake residence, it looks like that its campus is larger but always quiet and calm, even in full moon days.

6. Wandering in the sunburn fields in the harvest

The aroma of new straw, the smell of copse and even the burning dung smell of buffaloes, cows are special things. These are smell not like any other smell, very pleasant and very lifestyle (both old and romantic).

7. Coffee/tea on side walk and beer Nguyen Du, Hanoi

Coffee is often on Nguyen Du Street, whether it is winter or summer you can sit on the side walk. Tea is preferred most on Huynh Thuc Khang, right in front of the cadastral office. At that time I worked near there, I drank tea every day. In addition is beer, it not my favorite drink, but if there is not beer, it is not Hanoi.

8. Walking around Hoan Kiem Lake

It is suggested to try walking around Hoan Kiem lake once or regularly, especially on the cool weather. You also turn to Con Coc flower garden, sit here and chatter, or you can go to Dinh Le to see ( can buy or not) some books.
 Hanoians love walking around Hoan Kiem lake everytime.
Hanoians love walking around Hoan Kiem lake everytime.

9. Eating street food and drink cheapest beer in Ta Hien

Sand-warm pork pie at the corner gate bias Hang Luoc, yogurt or caramel ahead of Hang Than, hot spring rolls Dong Xuan… are delicious street food. Hanoi does not have snacks as much as in Saigon, but each of them seems to be very special. Near to Dong Xuan is the cheapest beer street of Hanoi, named Ta Hien. It is only 7,000 VND for one cup of beer, so you can indulge yourself in Ta Hien through the night.

10. Hear the sound of megaphone in Hang Da in the morning when having breakfast in Phu Xuan and drinking Nghia coffee 

The megaphones reading news in the morning are now not many any longer, and do not know when they disappear. Phu Xuan noodle in tradition has been about 3 to 4 generations. Eating breakfast in Phu Xuan and walking to Nghia coffee on the opposite, while listening to the sound of megaphones give me the very strange and old feeling.
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