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6 destinations in Can Gio which are both beautiful and strange

6 destinations in Can Gio which are both beautiful and strange

Near to Saigon, beside the rustic experiences of Mekong Delta via, you can reveal a luxuriant and immense Can Gio. It also owns eco-tourism, island, beach and sea-side town. 

1. Monkey Island

This is an exciting destination which you cannot ignore when coming to Can Gio. Only with a ticket 35,000 VND per one person, you will have chance to see more than 1000 monkeys, animal circus and enjoy the fresh natural air of mangrove forest.
Monkey Island of Can Gio is always impressing with lovely friends of monkeys.
Monkey Island of Can Gio is always impressing with lovely friends of monkeys.
Besides, you will also see the crocodiles lying under the mud, and pay a visit to Sac forest in Can Gio- the historical sites. Note that you should keep your own belongings carefully when you arrive at Monkey Island because the naughty monkeys often snatch ones of tourists.

2. Seafood market Hang Duong

Seafood market Hang Duong is an interesting place for tourists to buy the raw presents, and even try the fresh seafood right here. Being different from the calm of other destinations, seafood market Hang Duong always attracts many local people and visitors from other regions, most of them are from Saigon. The morning here is very vibrant and noisy with the sound of telling price, the bargain of the seller, the buyer.
There is a vast range of fresh seafood here with the price from low to high such as fish, squid, crabs, octopus, shrimp, ... The price is from dozens VND to hundreds VND. In addition to buying fresh seafood, if you do not have condition to cook right at the place, you can buy the processed dishes to enjoy immediately or bring to the sea and sip in the wind.

3. Vam Sat Eco- tourism Area

This eco- tourism area located in Ly Nhon commune, Can Gio district. It is considered as a green ideal place for young people of Saigon to get out of sunny weather and relax at the weekend. Vam Sat is the most sustainable ecological tourism areas in the world, recognized by the World Tourism Organization. The area of Dam Doi has a unique beauty, like in a picture. In the scene of blue rivers is the image of the herd of birds feeding. When going inside, you will see bats and ravens hanging themselves in the foliage of the high mangrove.
You can use a paddled boat to explore Vam Sat Eco Tourism.
You can use a paddled boat to explore Vam Sat Eco Tourism.
When visiting Vam Sat eco-tourism, you will have chance to discover many mangrove forests, visit Doi Nghe conservation area, catching crab for entertainment, conquer Tang Bong tower 26m high, walk to discover the road through forest, visit natural zoo, crocodile fishing, swaying on the suspension bridge, visit the bird sanctuary and enjoy countless seafood dishes in Vam Sat tourism area.
The prices for services are that entrance ticket is 35,000 VND for crocodile fishing, 40,000 VND per one person to go to Dam Doi. They all are really proper for your vacations in Vietnam. In addition, you can buy tickets from 350,000-550,000 VND per ticket depending on the number of guests or groups. This price includes services such as entrance tickets, train tickets to discover Can Gio mangrove forest, tickets to visit Doi Nghe conservation area by rowing boat, leisure cave, walking street cross the forest, visit the wild deer, visit the crocodile farm, learn the process of hatching crocodile eggs, crocodile fishing boat, conquer the Tang Bong tower, challenge the suspension bridge ...

4. Nam Hai Bridge

When visiting Can Gio, tourists can pay a visit to Phuong Nam Pearl Resort (Duyen Hai, Long Hoa, Can Gio). After the time for relaxing, visiting, enjoying the moment on edge of vast swimming pool, you can go to Nam Hai Bridge leading to a restaurant outside of the sea. It is really an exciting experience of going along the bridge, taking photos and seeing the sea.
Hai Nam is built with the purpose of leading tourists to the restaurant beside the sea. However, many young people traveling here often call this bridge as the love bridge because a lot of couples choose this place to take wedding photos.
Phuong Nam Pearl Resort is a unique eco-resort resort that offers you and your family the comfort and luxury services. This resort is located on an ideal opposition, next to the famous beach 30/4 with windy casualties. The campus here is very vast and combined with fresh natural beauty of many flowers, grasses, creating comfortable relaxing feeling for guests.

5. Can Thach town

Can Thanh Town is lying in the suburbs of the city, and when you step into, you will see a different world, it is very gentle, calm, and quiet. All worries naturally disappeared. The road to Can Thach is covered by the cool shadow and many yellow flowers of trees on two sides. On the flower season, the road becomes very beautiful, like the other roads in Saigon.
There is a small park with view of the sea in Can Gio, this is the place people can rent a hammock and admire the scenic Can Gio beach in the sunshine. I think there is nothing more wonderful than at noon lying under the green trees, listening to sound of wind and let the sea lulled his nap in the sound of the waves.

6. Thanh An island

This island is in Can Gio district, far from the center of Ho Chi Minh City about more than 50 km to the east and about 8 km from Can Gio district. Though Thanh An is in Saigon, it seems be apart from the noise of the city. There are about 5.000 people living here, mainly earning living by fishing and making salt.
Thanh An Island.
Because this island is not a tourism place, tourists coming here can experience the simple life of the local people. Thanh An does not have expensive and luxurious services as in Saigon, but you will not be disappointed when traveling here because of peaceful scenery, simple people and especially fresh and nutritious food.
Can Gio beach for your summer.
Can Gio beach for your summer.
You do not only eat delicious food, enjoy the beautiful scenery, but you also have the chance to understand more about the life of people on the island, dip into the simple life and feel another beat of Saigon.

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