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American newspapers recommend 7 exciting night experiences in Hanoi

American newspapers recommend 7 exciting night experiences in Hanoi

Do you really know about the top experience of Hanoi for exploring Vietnamese cultures in Vietnam Packages? Walking to see the heritage, watching performance "My village", drinking beer... are the beguiling things you should do in Hanoi.

1. Walk to see the heritages.

At every night, Ho Guom lake attracts very many tourists, visitors of all ages coming here because of fresh space and doing many activities such as walking, taking aerobics, playing chess or other simple activities. And in the evening of the weekend, government does not allow traffic to go into the Ho Guom lake area because it is becoming a walking street.
When traveling to Hanoi, you can walk a round of Ho Guom Lake, then go from the south to the west of the lake to Hanoi Opera House, which is the place for organizing chamber music performance or exciting circus program called “Lang Toi” (My Village). The show is very attractive and interesting with the performance as acrobatics, plastic juggling, on the traditional music.
My Village Performance is showed in the boutique space of Opera House.
"My Village" is showed in the boutique space of Opera House.

2. Deep in the local culture

Pham Hoang Mien, co- founder of the Hanoi Grapevine website, shared with CNN Travel: “there are many tourists who do not know many things happening in this city every night. If you are the lover of visual art and really want to explore the contemporary art of Viet Nam, you cannot ignore the Manzi”. It is a coffee shop which is in old French villas in a quiet neighborhood of Hanoi capital, the shop is also a gallery of unique art work.

3. Trying the street food.

Have you remembered that in 2006, the president of the United States, Obama along with the famous chef Anthony Bourdain enjoyed Bun cha of Vietnam? You can go to Huong Lien stall to have an order as Obama which includes noodles, spring rolls and Hanoi beer in the price of about 90,000 VND.
However, Bun cha seems suitable for lunch than dinner and Tracey Lister (Australia) author of the book "Vietnamese street food" suggests eating in the Old Quarter. This is place having many street stalls and many choices for tourists.

4. Drinking beer

The Old Quarter is also an ideal place to enjoying Hanoi beer. The place selling Hanoi beer is simply on the pavement with a few plastic chairs with 5,000 VND / cup price.
In the evening, the Corner Brewery (located at the intersection of Luong Ngoc Quyen, Ta Lien, Dinh Liet, often selling up to 2 hours) is a popular place for the young people to drink beer and chat to each other. However the local people like drinking in a stall at the Thanh Street to the west of the old town, about 10 minutes walking from this stall.
Ta Hien is called as the street of foreigners with cheapest fresh beer.
Ta Hien is called as the street of foreigners with cheapest fresh beer.
Standing Bar is the place for visitors wanting to find a handcrafted beer but with high quality. It is located in a corner of quiet Truc Bach Lake with creative drink menu.

5. Watching an art show

The tourists coming Hanoi can go to Thang Long Water Puppet Theater to watch a puppet show, which is often operated in Vietnam classic tours. The art of puppetry appeared from the 11th century, and was created by farmers during leisure to tell the fairy tale with the puppet and the stage is the water surface. For the tourist liking the lively and modern style, let’s come to Hanoi Rock City to drop your soul into the freshest of electronic music.
Duc Anh, the co- founder of  Hanoi Rock City answered the CNN that: “ We have organized very many performances in Red Room and in the area of the shop with a vast music range of  folk, reggae, jazz, indie, grunge, hardcore… We would like to show the best musical performances in Hanoi for everyone to enjoy. "

6. Enjoy the feeing at nights

Ta Hien, Bao Khanh, Luong Ngoc Quyen are the small street in the Old Quarter, but they have many places for you to drink beer and mixed drinks delicious.
Another exciting drinking place which is suggested by CNN Travel is Nê Bar. It is newly opened in 2017 with many types of traditional and modern cocktails. The owner is Pham Tien Tiep, who won a brewing contest with a cocktail having taste of noodle in 2012. He said that his bar also served jazz performances besides making local cocktail types.
Tadioto Bar Hanoi.
Tadioto is also a favorite address near the Opera House.
With the quite space, the shop is preferred by many artists, writers, musicians in Hanoi.

7. Dance all night

Since Tay Ho district was opened in 2006, Savage has quickly become the most exciting party space in the city with electronic music. The local artists such as Quan, Min8, TrungD, Tri Minh also have chances to perform with international artists from all over the world here.
Ouissam Mokretar, music director shared that: “We would like to create something special and unique about the community in Hanoi. We had established a form: club in club called the Red Cube - a place of DJs, having the terrace to mix with music and friends.

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